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Successful nonprofits diversify their funding sources.

Big social problems loom. Lots of nonprofits are working to provide services, often in silos.  Grant funding has limits.

Who else cares about your mission enough to fund it?  How can your funding resources be diversified over time, beyond traditional grants and fundraisers?

It is time to look at growing your impact in a different way.

Do you ask?

As a funder, how can we objectively decide which programs to fund?  How might we encourage grantees to leverage resources with other social good initiatives?

If making loans, what is the social impact value of our investments in social organizations?

As a nonprofit, What is the shelf-life of our grant funding?   How can we decide which programs to fund for the greatest impact, when resources are limited?

Do we have social enterprise potential within our mission and scope? Is there a local accelerator to help us to unpack new funding opportunities? Should we think about crowd-funding?

Key Outcomes:

Financial Diversification Plan

  • funding to support program areas identified in Strategy Mapping process, and aligned with funders’ priorities and/or social enterprise potential


Impact Compass

Make better decisions about which social impact programs to fund. (SSIR Impact Compass)

Assess Funding Options

Explore crowd funding, loans, sponsorships, social enterprise potential to sustain programming

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