Social Good Is Tangible.

Manage it. Measure It. Sustain it.

Be the kind of social operation that for-profits envy.

Manage for impact, measure actions, and create enduring positive change.

MANAGE for Change

Architects always draw a blueprint. Explorers create a map. Your non-profit’s audacious goals require both to succeed: a blueprint to align resources and stakeholders with your strategy, and a map to hold it all accountable to the right direction.

MEASURE for Impact

Too often, non-profits shy away from performance metrics and quantifiable outcomes. But measuring holistic impact — your Social ROI — creates a sounding board for your organization’s achievements, echoing in the ears of investors.

SUSTAIN for Growth

The competition for traditional non-profit resources is at an all-time high. Thankfully, with a systemic allegiance to accountability and measurement, you can blaze your own trail. Learn how to grow your own positive change, and sustain it.

Elizabeth Stephens

Social Entrepreneur. Results-driven management specialist.

Idealism must be functional. Elizabeth Stephens discovered this first-hand in Peace Corps, adapting her journalism background at the grassroots level to educate local farmers on best agricultural practices.

Elizabeth soon honed this functional idealism by applying her Masters in Public and International Affairs (MPIA) to design and oversee international development assistance projects for USAID in Central and South America over the course of a decade.

She eventually brought her hands-on expertise back to the States, where her work with one hundred Pittsburgh-based non-profits drove transparency, accountability, and Social ROI. Having worked across the public, nonprofit and private sectors, Elizabeth brings over 25 years of program management expertise to create and sustain high-impact social ventures.

Elizabeth mentors individuals, nonprofits and socially-focused companies to best manage their resources and amplify positive social impact.  


Who does that include?

Successful leaders and organizations who seek to perform at a higher level, to leverage their resources, and to message their social impact.

Organizations wanting to build consensus among board and staff on strategic priorities, to expand their networks, or to prepare for a leadership transition

Nonprofits leaders wanting to analyze and compare program opportunities to better allocate limited resources or to institutionalize best practices

Donors that seek to assess the potential of philanthropic ventures or who want to track and assess the social impact of their grants

Lenders who want to track and assess the social ROI of their investments and build capacity within the nonprofits they are funding.

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There is a shelf-life to grant funding for nonprofits. Adapting practices from the private sector, including greater transparency, leveraging resources across sectors, and messaging social impact opens up access to additional opportunities for funding social good over the long term.

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Elizabeth is able to look at both big picture issues, as well as specific programmatic objectives and plan for large scale change.  She is positive, dynamic, and dedicated.  Her energy is contagious and motivates those who get the opportunity to work with her. Judy Eakin, MSW

Executive Director, HEARTH

Elizabeth has been stellar in providing tools for Omicelo Cares to center itself on one vision, mission and strategic destination, thus building consensus within the organization. Her years of expertise in managing resources for positive change stand out. Elizabeth’s ability to facilitate the process of strategy & resource mapping within our organization of 10 was incredibly useful for equipping us to have greater impact with our work in transitioning neighborhoods. Joshua Pollard

Founder & President, Omicelo LLC

Elizabeth was a vital partner in the work that we did at Social Venture Partners. Elizabeth’s background with non-profits, government and the private sector, both here and abroad, made her a valuable resource to all of the projects we were involved with. She is a visionary in strategic planning, and an expert in maximizing impact with the organizations she is involved with. Above all, Elizabeth is a world-class human being who truly cares. I would recommend Elizabeth to any organization that is interested in driving results. Michael H. Hoffman

Vice President, PNC Institutional Asset Management and Director at PNC Capital Advisors, LLC

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Elizabeth Stephens

Results-driven management specialist. Strategic leader.

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